Team Dynasty Is Hiring


Would you like to be paid to dive and collect fish in the Florida Keys? Or perhaps your interests lie in the care and keeping of these animals. If either would be a good fit for you, you might just be the next member of our team!

Either position is an excellent opportunity to grow with an existing business in an interesting field. Compensation is dependent on experience with performance-based incentive programs. Benefits package including vacation, sick days, holidays and 401K PSP retirement plan. Please send coverletter and resume to for consideration. No phone calls please.


A successful applicant should have at least 100 logged dives and knowledge of marine life is preferred. Individuals must be willing to work long hours and accept diving in low visibility, cold water and rough conditions. Some responsibilities include preparing for the collection day, collections during the day, and cleanup of the equipment after the collections are completed. Routine maintenance of gear and equipment. Weekly unpacking, packing and shipping of fish. Helping with special projects as needed.


The ideal candidate will be detail oriented, able to multitask, have preferably 6 months to one-year experience in a commercial aquarium facility and able to work flexible and extended hours including weekends and holidays. Some responsibilities include weekly unpacking, packing and shipping of fish, maintaining logs of system parameters, cleaning and upkeep of tanks, organizing facility, daily feeding and medications and helping staff with special projects. A background in Caribbean fish identification is helpful.

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