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Who We Are

As ardent supporters of the influential world of public aquariums, Dynasty Marine also maintains relationships with wholesale and retail stores.  Our goal is to effectively serve our aquarist customers by discovering, acquiring, and acclimating difficult-to-capture marine life of all sizes for public display or the home hobbyist.

We are based in the Florida Keys, which is the heart of the Caribbean.  With such a diverse array of marine life surrounding our islands, we have elected to focus our efforts on collecting and supplying species that are local to our waters.  This focus has awarded us with an intimate knowledge of these animals and allows us to supply the most diverse variety and the highest quality Caribbean marine life available in the world.

Our company is based on the principles of sustainability and ethically collected marine life in which we have complete control of the supply chain.  We specifically target and collect each specimen so we can manage the resource responsibly.

Custom Collections

Dynasty Marine is the world’s leading supplier of Caribbean marine life to public aquariums and high-end wholesale and retail facilities.  Since our collections are performed by our divers, we are able to collect a wide variety of interesting and unique specimens.  If there is something special that you are looking for, just ask, as it is likely our divers can find it for you.  From the smallest invertebrates to the largest sharks and rays, Dynasty Marine is your sustainable supplier of choice. 

Holding and Acclimation

Dynasty Marine maintains over 100,000 gallons of closed system holding in which each system is specifically tailored for the individual species needs.  These systems are maintained by our university-trained biologists and are under full veterinary supervision by Dr. Doug Mader of Marathon Veterinary Hospital.   All specimens are prophylactically treated and trained to feed in human care so the transition to our customers is stress-free.


Dynasty Marine ships for weekly arrivals to all parts of the world.  We have developed very successful long-distance transport methodology for tropical fish shipments in duration of 72 hours.  Our shipping boxes utilize recyclable, inflatable liners that have the same insulation quality as traditional polystyrene packing foam but create much less waste, as these liners can be broken down to a fraction of the size of their Styrofoam counterparts.  Being green and sustainable is one of our foremost goals.   

Marine Consultation

Let Dynasty Marine’s team help to develop your next project to be the most successful it can be.  With more than 100 years of combined marine life and husbandry experience, let us put our collective knowledge to work for you.  We offer a unique perspective for design, based on long-term care and animal requirements, as well as guest viewing and interactions to make any project a success.

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